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Cultivating Solar Power along its entire value chain

ILOS was established with the aim of becoming a leading IPP in the PV industry by following very simple, but proven business principles. Our business model and value lie in bridging the gap between the development phase and the world of finance where a PV project is no longer a solar park, but a financial product.

Market entry through partnerships with local developers to acquire local intelligence and expertise.

ILOS provides funding as well as global expertise when it comes to contracts, thus ensuring the development of a bankable project from scratch.

ILOS negotiates financing facilities with debt providers, sponsors and PPA providers to ensure a solid cash-flow.

ILOS designs the solar project and manages the RfP process with contractors and suppliers of key components. ILOS also negotiates bankable EPC and O&M contracts that are checked by technical advisors. Banks and sponsors can rely on them to ensure optimum kWh production.

ILOS manages commercial and technical reporting to demonstrate that the solar project is yielding what was determined beforehand or ideally outperforming projections.


Fast-growing pv enterprise


  • Pure-play photovoltaics
  • Any size > 5 MWp
  • H2, other storage + smart grids
  • Supplementary RE-production


  • Europe
  • 7 countries so far:
    NL, UK, IE, IT, ES, GR, AT
  • 4 more under evaluation

Market climate

  • Country targets, the green deal and decarbonisation
  • Photovoltaics becoming subsidy free
  • E-mobility + green hydrogen need renewable input
  • Low interest rates + more funds than assets

Business model

  • Ownership of assets + selected sales of operational power plants
  • Control of the entire value chain
  • Various partnerships to grow the pipeline
  • Financial engineering


  • All levels of maturity
  • Local country partnerships
  • Portfolio effect + risk hedging


  • EPC management approach
  • First projects built in the Netherlands, UK, Spain + Italy to follow
  • Pooling with partners to achieve more source power


  • Lean + highly skilled team
  • >250 years of experience in renewables and the energy industry
  • > € 5 billion financed


  • 50 % private equity-owned
  • Various sources of financing
  • Core competence in financial engineering and PPAs

Business conduct

  • Driven by serial entrepreneurs
  • Fast moving + quick decision making
  • Structured development processes
  • But still able to act flexibly

Market environment

Window of opportunity

  • European Green Deal
  • Value creation from trading in CO2 certificates on the rise
  • Liquidity flooding the markets
  • Interest rates continuously low
  • Greater maturity of storage systems
  • Hydrogen will become a driving force combining the old and new energy worlds
  • E-mobility requires renewable energy production
  • Life of the PV business case up to 40 years
  • Renewables will evolve into the market mechanisms of the conventional energy world

Business Doctrine

Striving for >5 gigawatts

Development principles

  • Lean structure + flat hierarchy
  • Fast decision-making
  • Well-structured development process
  • Partnerships with aligned interests
  • Sunk cost risks kept low

Value driver

  • Remuneration model – feed-in tariff, PPA or merchant
  • Appropriate size of projects
  • Financial engineering
  • Site quality
  • Capex + Opex

Key success factors / lessons learned

  • Ability to master the entire margin pool
  • Technical EPC expertise; technology agnostic
  • Financial strength
  • Knowing how to take risks
  • Management power + negotiation skills

Above all, the right team

Pipeline structure

Projects >3 GW secured so far

Team DNA

The best of three worlds

Functional personnel

True ” PV aficionados “

  • Multifaceted skillsets
  • Variety of educational backgrounds
  • “Hand-picked” professionals
  • Vast industry experience
  • Fast decision making-body
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Team players with a sense of fun

Michael Pollan

Investment Committee
Int. Relations I AT/US I 1978

10 years' of infrastructure financing


Yannic Trueb

Investment Committee
Int. Affairs I CH I 1988

Financing growth for 6 years


Michael Winter

Investment Committee
Lawyer I DE I 1970

Operating in the energy sector for 13 years: power plant operations, contractual design, debt financing, PPAs


Nikolaus Krane

Investment Committee
Engineer I DE I 1965

Involved in project development for 27 years: financing growth, multi-project management, cooperation deals,
debt financing, building organisations

Sascha Klos

Sascha Klos

M&A Director
MBA & LLM I DE I 1981

10 years' experience of SPA, EPC, JV, shareholder & company development agreements


Florian Hess

Legal Counsel
PhD & LLM I DE I 1975

13 years' experience, in particular in PV corporate law, supply, EPC, SPA, JV contracts


Fabian Schütz

Finance & Controlling
MA Economics I DE I 1982

13 years' expertise in accounting and finance in complex international organisations


Robert Belke

Engineering - EPC
Engineer I DE I 1969

Over 20 years of experience in contruction; 18 years RE*: EPC Contract, EPC Contractor selection & Management

Thomas Baier

Thomas Baier

Project Financing
MA Law I DE I 1967

Over 25 years in banking/corporate finance, specialising in structured financing in Singapore, Dubai, New York, London and Munich


Daniela Schinko

Commercial Assistant
Lab Assistant I DE I 1968

30+ years assisting with technical and commercial projects


Thao Vo

Marketing I HR
B.A. I DE I 1986

10+ years' experience in marketing and human resources



VJP | HZP | 2013

8 years of guard duty and hunting services

Country Team

Experienced personnel on the ground


Luc Simons

Industrial Engineer, MSc
NL I 1971

10 years in general-, development- and projectmanagment in biogas, wind and solar energy


Bob van Overbeeke

Industrial Engineer, MSc
NL I 1954

In the energy business for 20 years: scouting sites, developing PV installations (rooftop + ground-mounted)

Dr. Regitschnig

Thomas Regitschnig

AT I 1970

10 years in consultancy: Oaklins, PwC + KPMG energy practices, M&A mandates, financing


Hugo House

United Kingdom
UK I 1976

15 years in the wind & solar industry: focus on land agreements, planning, PPAs

Liban Elmi

Liban Elmi

United Kingdom
Chartered engineer
UK I 1982

12 years' expertise in renewables: 650 MWp constructed; focus on the grid, EPC, construction, project development, O&M

Marcus Price

Marcus Price

MA Int. Business
IE I 1981

12 years focusing on land agreements, planning, project funding

PJ MacCarthy

PJ MacCarthy

Qualified Project Mgr.
IE I 1970

10 years in the renewables & construction business: focus on construction management, planning, project funding

Dimitris Koutroumpas

D. Koutroumpas

Electrical engineer
GR I 1954

15 years in wind + PV: one of the pioneers in the Greek market

Sergio Chiericoni

Sergio Chiericoni

PhD electr. engineer
Italy I 1967

11 years' experience of: > 2.4 GW pipeline build up, > 400 MWp constructed co-development, greenfield development, permits, construction

Roberto Bragheri

Roberto Braghieri

Electrical engineer
IT I 1962

16 years of experience in RE*: focus on land agreements and AU prodedures


Ignacio Fernández

ES I 1981

15 years of experience in RE*: Developed 1,6 GW pipeline; focus on project origination and development


Become an integral part of ILOS Projects GmbH based in Karlsruhe, who is backed by OMNES Capital, an infrastructure investment fund and focuses on the full lifecycle of renewable energy projects and is currently actively developing projects in Ireland, Italy, Spain, UK, Greece, Austria and the Netherlands.