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About us

ILOS is committed to becoming a pioneering Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the PV industry by leveraging our expertise and experience to promote the transition towards renewable energy sources.

As we work towards becoming a leading IPP, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence through continuous improvement and expansion of our network of partners and investors.

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Business Model

What we do

ILOS was established with the goal of becoming a leading IPP in the PV industry by following very simple principles.

We recognize that achieving this goal requires more than just passion and dedication. It demands a forward-thinking business model and value proposition that can bridge the gap between the development phase of PV projects and the world of financing.

That's why we have developed an innovative approach that enables us to unlock significant potential and contribute meaningfully to the growth of the green economy.

Lead in cultivating solar power along its value chain

Site development

All kinds of partner models with local developers are being applied

  • Land lease

  • Grid

  • Permits

Market entry by partnering with local developers to acquirelocal information and expertise.

ILOS offers comprehensive local and international expertise in contract design, guaranteeing the establishment of a project with funding potential from its inception.

Financial engineering

Various customer groups for “Financial products”

ILOS negotiates financing facilities with debt providers, sponsors and PPA providers to ensure a solid cash flow


  • Engineering

  • Procurement

  • Construction

ILOS designs solar projects and manages the RfP process with contractors and key component suppliers. We specialize in negotiating bankable EPC and O&M contracts, which undergo thorough evaluation by technical experts. Banks and sponsors can trust in our ability to deliver optimal kWh production and ensure their investment.

Asset management

  • Technical

  • Commercial

ILOS manages the commercial and technical reporting to demonstrate that the solar project is producing the pre-determined yield or, ideally, exceeding projections.

Site development
Financial engineering
Asset management
Business Doctrin

Founded with the aim: 
»To do it right «

Development Principles:

  • Lean structure, flat hierarchy, and an inclusive culture

  • Swift decision-making processes

  • Organized project development approach

  • Aligned partnerships and interests

  • A calculated approach to risk-taking and minimizing sunk costs

Value Drivers:

  • Remuneration model - Feed-in Tariff, PPA, or Merchant

  • Ideal project scale

  • Innovative financial engineering

  • Prime site locations

  • Capex + Opex

Key Success Factors:

  • Ability to effectively manage the entire profit margin

  • Technical EPC expertise, regardless of technology

  • Financial stability

  • Adeptness in taking calculated risks

  • Strong management skills and effective negotiation strategies


622 MWp
feed-in-tariff +/or PPA


252 MWp
feed-in-tariff +/or PPA


1,017 MWp
feed-in-tariff +/or PPA
RTB / Construction:
767 MWp


1,234 MWp
PPA +/or merchant
RTB / Construction:
131 MWp


319 MWp
feed-in-tariff „SDE“
62 MWp


286 MWp
PPA +/or merchant, H2 agreements
RTB / Construction:
28 MWp RTB

United Kingdom

599 MWp
PPA +/or merchant, CFD
61 MWp
RTB / Construction:
178 MWp
The Inspiration Behind ILOS

The Legend of Troy

Inspired by the rich narratives of Greek mythology, "ILOS" is a name with a storied connection to Troy's legendary founder, Dardanus. As the brother of Dardanus, Ilos is renowned for his association with the sacred treasure, the Palladium, and the establishment of the temple dedicated to the goddess Athena in Troy. This ancient tale symbolizes the foundational values of ILOS Projects GmbH, as we strive to build a lasting legacy in the renewable energy landscape, just as Ilos contributed to the legendary city of Troy.